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When is it a good time to invest?

There are different stages when investing may be suitable for you:

1. When you are trying to save up to purchase your first home

2. You are unhappy with the returns you are getting from your bank cash account and looking for more options

3. You have decided to make the next step in building wealth and looking were to invest

4. It is a long-term goal to create diversification of your assets for the long term

What investments are available?

The six main options to invest in are:

property investment


Property & Infrastructure

Australian shares investing


Australian and International Shares (ASX)

managed funds


Managed Funds

exchange traded funds


Exchange-Traded Funds

Bonds investment



Term deposits


Term deposits & interest bearing accounts

How We Can Help

At Dubbo Financial Planning, we will explain the difference of investments you can consider using to achieve your goal. We use research providers such as LONSEC and Morning Star for any shares and managed funds decisions.

We can refer you onto a local mortgage broker for any direct property investing who can discuss all the different options available in the Australian market and can work on your borrowing capacity.

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What is important about money to you?

Understanding what drives you about money helps us create a tailored plan to suit your individual needs.

To Protect Your Family 

Build your wealth 

Pay for your current lifestyle

Plan for future retirement

Reduce your current debts

Create more freedom


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