Give yourself a flying head start in 2024 with a February Financial Check-up. Start the year off kicking those life goals with a visit to Orange Financial Planning.

Whilst you may still be dragging yourself mentally out of the holiday season and struggling to get back into the old routine, the year is marching on.

February is the ideal time to take stock of where you are and where you are heading. It’s also an important time to put some plans into place for getting where you want to go.


The first step in our process at Orange Financial Planning is always to lay the foundation with an in-depth goal establishment exercise. The aim is to provide clarity around your financial destination by taking a deep dive into your needs, goals, dreams, objectives, risk-appetite, past experience, financial strengths, and weaknesses.

Try this simple exercise to start on your journey TODAY to reach your financial goals. Rank the below in order of the importance of money in your life. This will help to understand what drives you and is a key step in creating a tailored financial plan to suit your individual needs.

Money is important for me to…

  • Protect my family.
  • Build my wealth.
  • Pay for my current lifestyle.
  • Plan for my future retirement.
  • Reduce my current debts.
  • Create more freedom.


Here at Orange Financial Planning, we believe in focusing on every aspect of your life in order to assist you in reaching your financial potential. Each area is intrinsically linked. As shown below in the infographic – Your World, it is important to understand your – Goals, Concerns, Interests and Current and Future Situation.

Once a solid understanding of Your World is established, we can put our 30 years plus of combined industry experience to work giving your financial situation a thorough check-up.

We specialise in the below services with the added benefit of not being aligned with any particular superfund or insurer. This is a huge advantage for us as we can provide our clients with the best options for their personal situation. We service Central West NSW with offices located in Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo.


We will help you set up a budget action plan to help manage your financial situation better and take the stress out of your life or help you feel you are getting ahead.


The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs so as to minimise your taxes. We work closely with your accountant to determine the best ways to minimise your tax payable per year.


We will explain the different types of superfunds including what the positives and negatives of each fund are. This will help you choose the right superfund for your unique financial goals.


We will help you put in place tailored personal insurances to protect your assets, clear your liabilities and protect your future lifestyle. We’ll also structure them to obtain the most benefits.


We will help you protect your business in the event of an unplanned exit. Key person insurance provides revenue and capital protection. Buy/Sell insurance protects the owners in the event of an unplanned exit from a partner in the event of a death or disability.


We’ll help choose the right investment to achieve your goals. We use research providers for shares and managed funds and work with local mortgage brokers who can help with direct property investing.


We will explain the different options available to you including how to manage your financial situation for Centrelink and the best long-term retirement plan.


Australia’s aging population requires aged care advice. Aged care advisors provide clients with step-by-step guidance and evaluation on aged care options available along with the level of cover to meet their ongoing needs. We look at before and after position, affordability and costing.

Looking forward to helping you reach your goals in the year ahead!

Tyron Mitchell

Let Orange Financial Planning help with your FEBRUARY FINANCIAL CHECK-UP and give you a head start for 2024! Contact us on (02) 5310 4477 or drop us a line HERE!

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