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The first and most important step in any financial plan is developing the most appropriate financial strategies for your circumstances, and that is what we do at Orange Financial Planning.

With over 10 years’ experience in home lending, banking products and financial planning, Tyron Mitchell has a wide range of industry experience, specialising in budgeting, investments, insurance, taxation, superannuation and planning your retirement.

Located in Central Western NSW, our services are available at our office locations in Orange, Dubbo, Parkes,  Mudgee and Bathurst NSW by appointment.

At Orange Financial Planning, we believe in focusing on every aspect of your life, as each area can affect another. So as shown below “Your World”, it is important to understand your: Goals, Concerns, Interests and Current and Future situation.

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’

Your World


We will explain the different types of superfunds and what the positives and
negatives of each fund are. This will help you choose the right superfund for your unique financial goals.


We will help you put in place tailored personal insurances to protect your assets, clear your liabilities and protect your future lifestyle. We’ll also structure them to obtain the most benefits.


We’ll help choose the right investment to achieve your goals. We use research providers for shares & managed funds and work with local mortgage brokers who can help with direct property investing.


The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs so as to minimise your taxes. We work closely with your accountant to determine the best ways to minimise your tax payable per year.


We will help you set up a budget action plan to help manage your financial situation better and take the stress out of your life or help you feel you are getting ahead.


We will explain the different options available to you and how to manage your
financial situation to best benefit you for Centrelink and to have the best long-term retirement plan.

What is important about money to you?

Understanding what drives you about money helps us create a tailored plan to suit your individual needs.

To Protect Your Family 

Build your wealth 

Pay for your current lifestyle

Plan for future retirement

Reduce your current debts

Create more freedom

Tyron’s Advice

Personal Insurances

Tyron Mitchell often says, “You do not need to cover yourself to have the same payout as winning the lottery, but you need enough to cover your current debts and future lifestyle”.

Planning for Retirement

Preservation AgeBefore accessing your superannuation, you must reach your preservation age. This age is dependent on which year you were born in.Current Preservation AgesRetirement Options To ConsiderTransition To Retirement Strategy (TTR)By the using the governments...

Selecting a Superannuation Account

Selecting a suitable superannuation account for your needs is essential to gain the most out of your funds. Most superfunds fall under four categories: industry funds, retail funds, wrap accounts and self-managed super funds (SMSF).

What Our Clients Say…

“Tyron has been amazing with setting up a retirement strategy for my wife Leonie and myself as we enter the last phase of our working life. Having this arranged by Tyron has taken a lot of the worry out of planning for our future. He gets a gold star for his efforts.”

Roger Smith

“Tyron has helped myself and my wife out with our finances. He offers many services. We changed our super to get more out of it then we were because of him. His professional attitude and friendly nature makes him easy to talk to about it. He explains everything in simple terms that we were able to understand.”

Mitchell Dries

“Seeing Tyron is one of the best life decisions I’ve made in a long time! He understood completely what my goals and aims were, and was able to help me create a positive plan forward with all aspects of my finances. Tyron explained concepts in finance clearly and simply and I left feeling very empowered to take control of my financial future. I cannot recommend Orange Financial Planning more highly. Tyron is very personable, trustworthy, easy to talk to and insightful – he identified my needs and goals quickly and made me feel like we are working towards the same outcomes. I can’t thank Orange Financial Planning enough!”

Carolyn Austin

“From our very first meeting with Tyron he made us feel comfortable and at ease. Everything is explained in an easy, understandable way. We felt comfortable and reassured with every decision made. Tyron is flexible with meeting times, even doing phone consultations which with a busy life and kids makes it easier to stay connected. We just had our yearly review which was made simple and easy with an email reminder! Nothing is out of Tyrons way and he is always happy to help with a smile. Can’t beat service like that! Would happily recommend this business :)”

Tim Warren

“Tyrone has been a life saver. Not only were we spiralling out of control financially but we had no idea how badly. We are now on the straight and narrow, building our future and enjoying life. It was a very fast turn around. Tyrone is friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable, and thorough. I wouldn’t trust our money with another person after meeting him. You seriously won’t regret giving him a call.”

Kathleen Walsh


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